My 2018 Achievements and Failures – My new job and my new life as a blogger


My 2018 Achievements and Failures – My new job and my new life as a blogger

Greetings dear readers, this next publication is for the record to the contest that brings us the @blocktrades and I hope you like it.

I will start by saying that my 2018 in my country Venezuela has been a big roller coaster. We have gone through many obstacles within it in order to progress.

With regard to that the electrical crisis, the lack of internet and so on, that made them really very difficult, I remember that those moments were very tiring.

Well, speaking a little of my achievements and failures within the same year. I will start with the part of my failures or mistakes.

Failures or Errors

If I analyze this point, you don’t know how many mistakes you make throughout the year, but if I remember some of them.

For example: I remember the mistake I made in my job breaking glass unintentionally, which by the way was very expensive and I couldn’t afford it. I was scared at the time, I didn’t know what to tell my boss about that incident. However, I told him and we solved the problem in the best way.

Another example, when you said something wrong to your best friend, and that you have to apologize because erring is human.

I must say that it has not been easy, but good every day is learned and that each year we have as objectives to improve as a person, new goals and above all to help others.


As for my achievements, the list is long, but I don’t want to cover too much just expressing two or three of my achievements this year. So let us begin:

My first achievement was to get a good job and be fixed inside it. Once I entered the job I was very happy for what I had achieved with only 20 years I signed my first contract. That made me dedicate more time to learning on the job.

I am currently attending several areas in the company where I work and I have learned about other areas as one is new must be willing to learn other areas for the learning of your life and be able to place it on your resume.

It is a great achievement, so I continue to strive to learn as much as I can.

Another achievement I can tell you about knowing steemit and being a blogger, despite my dedication and effort within the platform, knowing steemit was a great achievement, as I was able to properly learn all the features within the chain of blocks, know this world of crypts and its advantages and disadvantages.

To meet new users within it, know how to be a good blogger and really put effort that has been great in my life. Of course we have to keep working to improve every day.

The truth is that this is a fundamental accomplishment in my life and that it never crossed my mind to create attractive content for other people regardless of the country where I live.

It’s a challenge that I set myself to get and see the skills that one can develop within this world. It’s something incredible because I never thought I would have the skills I was cultivating and developing within it.

Personally I am happy with this and continue to create content for other people.

I currently have several projects that I want to put to work next year within the platform, such as working on servers, a project that I have as a goal to fulfill and I hope I can do.

In spite of the ups and downs that steem’s blockchain has experienced, I don’t give up and I trust that this is a great platform and that continuing to create content will help me a lot to learn more in my life.

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Soy un joven bien preparado para la vida, me gusta compartir mis experiencias con los demás y que mejor manera que escribiéndolo, me encanta los deportes, las historias, las reflexiones, y pare de contar. Tambien aprender cada día de mi vida, para continuar con ese crecimiento y esa preparación.

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