Is the steemit platform considered a learning?


Is the steemit platform considered a learning?

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Sharing again with you another publication, but in this case an interesting topic as you may notice it in the form of a question Steemit may be considered as a learning.

Well, this point of view is interesting, because nowadays it is difficult to study within our country, so I ask myself this question.

There are many factors that if they can be taken into account for the study itself, why do I express it?

Let me give you several examples so that you can understand me:

Literature Area: This Area teaches us all the part that has to do with the branch of literature, although it is extensive, the people who have studied this field, nourish us with their knowledge experienced within the activities of the same one.

Not long ago I was in an activity where they explained the narrative part, and that there are different types of narratives, I started to investigate and that helped me in terms of knowledge.

What to say about spelling, grammar, among others. People who know this subject teaches you to improve your post or your literature in life. It is something interesting.

Let’s move on to another area mathematics: Of course, you don’t see much around here, but it’s always good to learn math. There are users who share post, where they put mathematical problems, equations, how that case could be solved.

Of course, many people are not interested in this area, but it is important to learn a little, it is not too much.

Let’s move on to the area that I call computing:

Although I have seen few people working with Excel, Word, or power point or I have not found them yet, I imagine that there will be users who are sharing this type of facet for the improvement of our skills in our lives.

Graphic Design: This if you see a lot for the platform, experienced people who have done courses of this, teach us every day how to create a drawing, either on paper and pencil or through programs within the pc, as well known photoshop or other programs that exist.

We are given tutorials about this area for development when making a drawing or making an image in 2D or 3D.

And there’s no part of creating games, editing programs inside it. It’s really amazing.

What to talk about the music area:

Talented people who teach us through their tutorials, how to sing, play, create songs at the time of making that point. It really is amazing.

And there are other areas within this world, marketing, classes to understand other languages, courses to be a successful blogger, among others.

So, can steemit be considered a learning? What do you think?

Of course it won’t give you a title, but it will give you the right knowledge, because reading, meditating and putting it into practice that gives a beneficial result.

What is your opinion on this subject?

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Soy un joven bien preparado para la vida, me gusta compartir mis experiencias con los demás y que mejor manera que escribiéndolo, me encanta los deportes, las historias, las reflexiones, y pare de contar. Tambien aprender cada día de mi vida, para continuar con ese crecimiento y esa preparación.

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