2019| New goals


2019| New goals

Hello friends. How are you? How’s it going?

Sharing with you again another post, and this time I will tell you a little about my growths on the platform and also new goals this year that I have in mind and projects in steemit.

As you know, I have been talking for a while within the platform to continue creating content and sharing it with you until Steemit or circumstances in Venezuela allow me to do so, for which I am still here to support you and I also want you to continue to support me, I am very grateful.

This year I set myself new goals and new objectives in my life, to share with you excellent content, give you more support and above all contribute my grain of sand to one or more teamwork within the blockchain.

I also noticed, continue to grow within the platform, to meet some personal and collective goals that I have in mind, for example, I want to start creating content through videos.

But the obstacles don’t fail, so, as you may have noticed, sometimes the videos are blurred by the fact that you don’t appreciate much because you don’t have a camera with more pixels, so that’s one of my lenses. With the profits I keep getting I want to buy a good camera and make excellent videos.

Since the situation in Venezuela is difficult and to be able to buy a phone you have to gather quite a lot.

I don’t know why and why I don’t want to download a decent video editor, because when I do it or when I download the program I get that word, “download error” (ha, ha, ha). Well, I will solve it to fulfill my goal. 😀

Personal experience

As some already know me on the platform, they know that I am a young perseverant, for which I do not give up until I achieve my proposed objectives. I have achieved many, I remember that when I started I said to my mother: “Mama I want to share a successful content in steemit, but I do not know what to share, I want to progress these three months, to support others with my SP and my income in my home” So it has been a day of 7 months of hard work and dedication on the platform, and I do not plan to stop, because steemit has given me a great opportunity as a blogger, to polish my life and continue creating content.

As I once told you, I work 8 hours a day and it was difficult to get home, and when I was going to sit in the writing room, the electricity was taken away from me. And you never knew when I would return it…

They were dark and difficult times for me, every night the same routine, so I had a hard time in the beginning. It’s really worth remembering that, and seeing the results now, it’s worth doing and the goals we set and achieve are happy.

Steemit in spite of the things that he lived or lives last year, the decrease of the steem, the update, and that the owner of this dismissed part of his team, made that many abandoned and looked for other horizons.

I am one of those people who still maintain themselves, who trust in this platform, who still has a lot to give and we continue to share great content, as long as we are willing to learn.

Later on, I will continue to share with you other objectives that I continue to achieve. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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Soy un joven bien preparado para la vida, me gusta compartir mis experiencias con los demás y que mejor manera que escribiéndolo, me encanta los deportes, las historias, las reflexiones, y pare de contar. Tambien aprender cada día de mi vida, para continuar con ese crecimiento y esa preparación.

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