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Sharing again with you another publication, but today it is something different and that I have been reading for days in my country. As this is a way of letting off steam, I will do it through writing on this occasion. Before I start I don’t want to refer to a political party or its offense, I just want to vent a little of how I feel and how other people around me who express

For no one is it a secret that in our country every day the situation in Venezuela becomes difficult. Many people do not know how to solve so many things that they are suffering and that as time goes by, it seems that the options left to them become complicated.

Let’s take for example the work in Venezuela: With this new increase that was made, the salary remains at 18,000 sovereigns speaking of the minimum.

What can you buy with 9,000 Bs fortnightly? Practically nothing! I don’t know if other workers are paid more than the minimum wage and if so, what can they achieve by earning with that? They manage to cover what is necessary. I look forward to hearing from you.

Returning to the subject, I feel helpless, because every day more and more you feel the tension, concern in the people and what solution can be achieved. In the meantime we continue surviving so many difficulties that are lived within our country, such as poverty, lack of inputs, electrical problems, economic problems, in short. If I start to mention everything, it is done at night expressing them.

As the salary increases, it seems that the dollar goes hand in hand, it is currently at the exchange rate of sovereign bolivars in 3,000 (for now) Exemplary: 1$= 3,000 Bs.

Meaning that our salary in a fortnight is $3 (Correct me if I’m wrong). What do you manage to buy with this?

Practically nothing. That’s why we look for other alternatives being inside our country and it’s the world of crypts. Although people from other countries ask themselves: Why are there so many Venezuelans in steemit or in another platform?

Well, that’s one of the reasons why we’re here. Beyond the things we do inside steemit like our talent and abilities to teach others, there is the monetary retribution that the platform gives us, by which, it is another income by which it solves some economic adjustments to continue surviving and it has served me.

And although we will collect this salary increase at the end of January, the devaluation will give the same result. Because what costs you today at one price, tomorrow is at another and that is the hard reality.There is a lot of concern…

Although every day I wake up with a positive attitude because a sad person is very difficult to be happy, I try to infuse that positivism to others, to release the stress of so many things we suffer …

We keep fighting and holding on, having a positive attitude, helping others as much as we can, until our circumstances don’t allow them :D.

Thank you for reading…

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