Reflection: Are you a good steemian?


Reflection: Are you a good steemian?

Hey, guys. How are you?


Some time ago I had this idea in my mind, the name of this theme kept. But today I want to talk about it. In my experience at steemit, I have been able to read many opinions about steemit both good and bad. But, something that if I want to come to reflection with this post and convey the following message, so they can meditate and draw their own conclusions. Having mentioned this, let us begin:

Are you a good steemian?

Why do I ask this question? I give them the answer, many people previously thought that they did not receive any support from communities, that they did not comment and complained. So, one day I asked a certain person the question, “Do you support others?

So, if you ever think about expressing an opinion or complaining about something, the most important thing is that you do it on a basis. Therefore, it is good that we meditate on these questions:


When you ask for support, Do you do the same?

Do I participate in the activities they do on the discord servers?

Do I make any comments about a community when they are asked to support them?

Do I tell my followers about their publications that they do on the day?

Do I contribute my grain of sand, in terms of real and non-fictional comments?

This means that in each post you express “What a good drawing” OR “Excellent post “, not dear readers, the important thing is to leave a good comment, asking what things you did for the job, how you did it, what resources you used, among others. Something that is true.

Another question is: **Do I read at least 5 publications in a day? Do I support those comments mentioned above?

If all your answers are correct and you truly do everything I have expressed in this post, then if you are a good steemian. If not, why not improve on some points that I have touched and you will see every day the support of more people and communities. Set that goal that the results you seek, will come on their own.


Good readers, this is the reflection I leave you, I hope you like the post. See you next time.


Soy un joven bien preparado para la vida, me gusta compartir mis experiencias con los demás y que mejor manera que escribiéndolo, me encanta los deportes, las historias, las reflexiones, y pare de contar. Tambien aprender cada día de mi vida, para continuar con ese crecimiento y esa preparación.

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