Anime|Captain Tsubasa| Back to the screens


Anime|Captain Tsubasa| Back to the screens

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Sharing again another post, and this time I want to tell you some of my favorite animes.

Super Champions or better known as captain tsubasa. t gave me a joy to remember good times of my childhood to see that these days while changing channels on my tv, in Cartoon Network are having this fantastic and good series. It brought me back to those times because I loved it, I woke up early to watch each episode, which by the way was long and funny.

f you have already seen this complete animated series you will know what I mean hehe. I also loved it because this series is about futbol and the adventures of Oliver Atom (Tsubasa Ōzora) and their great friends from childhood, until they become professionals and part of the selection of Japan. The interesting thing about this saga was originated with the purpose or purpose of promoting more football in that country, achieving worldwide success by both manga and anime. So much impact was produced, that in his part of promoting the 2020 Olympic Games the character of Oliver Atom is included.

Its chapters consist of 22 or 23 minutes if I don’t remember, it’s a good series to see and express your opinion about it. Although Super Champions (so called in other countries) has a very long development to explain in a single post, I would like you to investigate by your own means and give me your opinion on the matter. I’m happy to tell you a little bit about this because lately I’ve seen that for the small ones there are no flashy series. From my point of view at present as in the channels of Cartoon Network and other television series I do not see one.

In the seconds from 19 to 21 you will see that are included a play of Oliver Atom along with his partner Tom Misaki

Tokyo 2020 Presentation

I hope you like the post and can comment, Until next time.


Soy un joven bien preparado para la vida, me gusta compartir mis experiencias con los demás y que mejor manera que escribiéndolo, me encanta los deportes, las historias, las reflexiones, y pare de contar. Tambien aprender cada día de mi vida, para continuar con ese crecimiento y esa preparación.

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