History| The Legend (Chris Kyle)


History| The Legend (Chris Kyle)

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Again sharing with you and on this occasion is something curious that I began to investigate and investigate the history of it.

These days I was watching a movie titled **American Sniper**. It’s an interesting movie because it’s about one of the most lethal snipers in the history of the United States. So at the end of the film something interesting happens (if you’ve seen the good already know the end) and if not sorry then 😀 because I’ll tell you a little of what happens.

Personally, when I started to see it, I said: “**Another action film**”, but while the development of the film was emerging, I saw that it was very good and I left it.

The end had left me in expectations that one went to look for the story and here I am sharing this post.

Christopher Scott Kyle was his real name. His fame as a sniper spread widely and he was known as “The Legend”. He died on 2 February . But something that catches my attention was the way Why? .

In the United States, after a Marine returns from the wars they are assigned, this causes their psychological consequences and of course it is not too much to say in view of so many things that they participate for which, they are left with a very high probability of suffering some trauma or disorder.

This is what the Marine **Eddie Ray Routh** from the United States, who according to the investigations that were made, had left the hospital days ago, suffered. Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield felt that taking people to a shooting range was therapy or relaxing for others. What this way of thinking did was cause the death of both of them, as the Marine killed them. They may have meant well to help others, but it was not the best way, as this can revive the effects of the person’s past. And this particular case he had been in.

Chris Kyle made an autobiographical book and in addition to that a foundation to provide help to soldiers who after the war have problems adapting in their daily lives and it is not for more.

February 2 is commemorated in Texas as the **Chris kyle day**

His recorded numbers were 160 low in the times he was in the war and had the record of achieving the shot of 2.200 mst distance which was technically impossible.


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